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We are thrilled to offer a variety of experiences to make your visit to the Willamette Valley memorable and enjoyable!

RIDGECREST Tasting Cottage | Reservations Thu-Sat 11am-5pm Mar-Oct & By Appointment Nov-Feb


Can't find the day and time you were hoping to visit on Tock? Call or text Jon at 340.789.4350


If you are up on Ribbon Ridge Road or thinking about tasting a few of our Ridgecrest and RR wines and don't want to wait 48 hours for a private tasting, stop by the Ridgecrest Cottage. We've recently remodeled this old farm house to offer a casual tasting spot near the top of the vineyard. It also provides a more comfortable setting for those rainy and cold or hot and sunny days that can make the Yurt and Tasting Deck uncomfortable. You can book a tasting 6 hours in advance or message Jon directly to meet you there with some of our favorite wines open and his always hospitable, laid-back and knowledgeable best-self available.

Ridgecrest Tasting Cottage | 20440 NE Ribbon Ridge Rd, Newberg, OR 97132 | 503.789.4350

Vineyard Yurt Tour & Tasting | Seasonal | Appointment Only


Wynne put this yurt together with the same hands that she uses to make, thief and bottle the wines that you are sure to enjoy. If you are looking for that rustic, outdoor Oregon wine experience you’ve found the right place. Nestled among the first vines planted on Ribbon Ridge, our yurt provides enough room for up to 6 people and enough protection from Mother Nature to ensure a memorable tasting. Contact Jon via phone, text or email to schedule your tasting. Or, if you are looking for a customized tour of typically 3 or 4 wineries, we highly recommend our friends at Dirty Radish and Backcountry Wine Tours.

Ridgecrest Vineyards | 20880 NE Ribbon Ridge Rd, Newberg, OR 97132 | 503.789.4350

Carlton Winemakers Studio | Open Daily 11am-5pm Mar-Oct & 11am-4pm Nov-Feb


Please call ahead and check with the Studio for current options.


We are fortunate to produce and bottle our wines at the Carlton Winemaker’s Studio, a co-op that embodies the collaborative spirit of the Willamette Valley. Both of our labels, RR and Ridgecrest, are frequently poured and always available for purchase here. The facility and staff are amazing and offer a unique experience combining the wines of sixteen or so individual vintners under one roof.

Carlton Winemakers Studio | 801 N Scott St, Carlton, OR 97111 | 503.852.6100

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